Residential Delivery & Development Framework

SCF has recently published a PIN for our brand-new Residential Delivery & Development Framework. The SCF team has been busy during lockdown building the new Framework, which aims to unlock new potential within the residential market. The framework will provide a full range of residential construction and development solutions. From quick and easy access to leading local housebuilders, for construct-only or design and build, to turnkey end-to-end development, construction, and management services, the framework will provide trustworthy, equitable, and ethical vehicle for delivery

The framework will be tailored to suit a wide range of projects, with larger value projects delivered in regional lots, and smaller value areas split sub-regionally, focussing on local delivery. Construction, development, or a combination of both, can be called off from the framework.

We expect to support a wide range of clients, from those with ready-to-build schemes seeking a fast yet robust route to market, to those seeking full end-to-end development services. We are seeking a range of suppliers to proactively collaborate with our framework users to ensure high quality, predictable project outcomes, and the high level of customer satisfaction SCF users expect. We expect suppliers to not only be able to deliver traditional residential projects but also to actively partner with users and with the framework management team to innovate and embrace low-carbon and efficient offsite and DfMA solutions.

Our framework aims to unlock the untapped potential of the public sector estate, which may involve supporting public clients who have not historically delivered residential developments – suppliers will be expected to form meaningful partnerships with framework users to support high quality developments in an open and transparent way.

In order to fully service the needs of our clients, we require both construction-led and developer-led suppliers. Quality of product and delivering better value outcomes is a fundamental requirement from SCF, alongside fairness and transparency, and proactive support from the SCF Framework Management Team. Developers in all forms will be expected to be able to deliver a turnkey product using arrangements such as Development Agreements or Joint Ventures.

SCF has a strong reputation for supporting the public sector across London and the South of England, and this framework will build upon the successes of the SCF integrated team approach, integrating both SMEs and Tier 1 Constructors & Developers to promote public sector values to widen the scope of SCF’s positive influence on public construction.